Are anna kendrick and chace crawford dating

08-Aug-2017 00:47

The pair had been dating since 2009 when he directed her in 'Scott Pilgrim vs. Meanwhile, Chase has been seeing Rachelle Goulding for the last few months, but according to his friends, isn't ready to get serious with the model just yet.The pair reveal that they invited their guests to what they thought would be a housewarming party.Thank you @glassjarphotos for capturing the most important day of our lives...Thank you @clairepettibone for creating this work of art aka my dress...Chace had to teach her how." The pair have been firm friends since shooting romantic comedy 'What To Expect When You're Expecting' together last year.

PHOTOS: Jennifer Lopez, Brooklyn Decker, Chace Crawford Step Out for ' What to Expect When You're Expecting' Premiere The Lionsgate comedy, opening in theaters May 18, centers around five expectant couples, and also stars Cameron Diaz, Elizabeth Banks, Jennifer Lopez and Brooklyn Decker.

I go, 'Oh, I say that a lot.' Well, let's talk "What to Expect." How was it to shoot? We just got to shoot, mostly nights, in the warm Atlanta weather, on a food truck -- sometimes with a little baby bump, sometimes without.

I guess I realized that's my standard greeting when I actually do junkets and I say it to everyone.

It got to the point where she was like I don't think I'm adopted so... She lit it once and it didn't light do she put her hands in front of it to see if it was out of gas and and it lit and burnt her hand, she told everyone she burnt herself on a lighter or something then she said it on live TV and now everyone knows she lied *She would rather wear her sweatpants and chill at home *She loves get job(wouldn't you?

*She's Scottish and Irish but mostly American *She can't make a heart with her hands it turns out looking like a square(Pitch Perfect fans should understand) *She has more tattoos than One Direction had fans(By the way it's 0 she has no tattoos sorry 1D fans but I don't like that band) *Her favorite food is tacos *Her favorite fast food restaurant is Taco Bell *He favorite drink is any kind of ale(alcohol) *She's a fan of Lorde and Ke$ha *She can make her voice sound exactly like Ke$ha' s robot voice without auto tune *She was born in Portland, Maine *She is hilarious *She's gorgeous(i know I'm a girl and that's sounds kind of gay but we have girl crushes and we can admire other girls looks) *She's short.

Crawford and Kendrick, costars on “What To Expect When You’re Expecting,” caught up over a game of ping pong (and promotional shots like the one above) while Ansari hung out out with Cross and James Murphy from the defunct LCD Soundsystem (Murphy later spun some tunes to the Vodka-and-rain soaked revelers).