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When the teen is arrested, his disturbed companion kidnaps Megan (Diane Farr) and offers her in exchange for the jailed young man.The incident leads to an intensifying of the relationship between Larry (Peter Mac Nicol) and Megan.Answer Michael Cera (Scott Pilgrim), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Ramona V.Flowers), Kieran Culkin (Wallace Wells), Chris Evans (Lucas Lee), Anna Kendrick (Stacey Pilgrim), Brandon Routh (Todd Ingram), Alison Pill (Kim Pine), Jason Schwartzman (Gideon Gordon Graves), Ellen Wong (Knives Chau), Satya Bhabha (Matthew Patel), Mark Webber (Stephen Stills), John Patrick Amedori (Smoking hipster kid), Abigail Chu (Trisha “Trasha” Ha), Chantelle Chung (Tamara), Nelson Franklin (Comeau), Ingrid Haas (Monique), Bill Hader, Emily Kassie (Winifred Hailey), Erik Knudsen (Luke “Crash” Wilson), Brie Larson (Envy Adams), Michael Lazarovitch (Some Guy Chris), Ben Lewis (Other Scott), Jessica Martins (Friend of lead), Marlee Otto (Party Goer #1), Kristina Pesic (Sandra), Aubrey Plaza (Julie Powers), Johnny Simmons (Young Neil), Mae Whitman (Roxy Richter), Jean Yoon (Mother Chau), Will Bowes (Party Goer #2—uncredited), Tanya Katchouni (CD Promoter—uncredited), Jessica Kennedy (Female Set PA—uncredited), Tara Mason (Party Goer—uncredited), Alexander Narizini (Clubber—uncredited), Joe Vercillo (Bartender—uncredited)Scott Pilgrim Productions, J.With a title meant to inspire, intrigue, and ire, the latest Netflix series “Dear White People” wastes no time in challenging and charming audiences. The moment its trailer hit, online outrage came fast and oblivious from those who threatened to boycott the streaming subscription service, accusing the unseen show of “reverse racism.” Apparently, they’d never heard of creator Justin Simien‘s 2014 film of the same name, which earned rousing critical praise and became the jumping off point for this scathingly hilarious comedy series.With a bit of retconning and recasting, the new “Dear White People” picks up after the movie’s climactic and catastrophic Dear Black People party, but spins out its resolution in more thorough and thoughtful ways.But then Larry makes a surprising announcement: He is joining NASA on an upcoming space mission.His impending departure isn't the only unsettling news for Charlie at Cal Sci. Mildred Finch (Kathy Najimy), who disapproves of his FBI work and his dating Amita (Navi Rawat).

But the shockwaves sent through the campus are what’s explored in the 10-episode arc of the series, the first two of which premiered at SXSW.

Season 3 begins with a two-part story focusing on a 30-year-old Texas schoolteacher and her 17-year-old lover, who embark on a cross-country crime spree that culminates in Los Angeles.

Assisting Don (Rob Morrow) and Charlie (David Krumholtz) on the case is agent Ian Edgerton (Lou Diamond Phillips).

If only haters of the Netflix series gave its first episode — or chapter — a chance, they’d hear their complaints about its “aggressive” title quickly addressed, but not with sympathy as much as socio-political savvy and plenty of side-eye.

Chapter One follows Samantha White (Logan Browning), a biracial film student who hosts the provocative radio show for which the series is named, and which proved the unwitting inspiration for the scandalous party.

This means the exchange between SXSW’s creative industries can now curate and discover their SXSW experience like never before.

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