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02-Oct-2017 21:00

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I thought I was sure of my dates and thought I was almost 8 weeks, had a bleed and went for a scan and was only 5w 4d and no heartbeat detectable. I'd had a missed miscarriage and my body was still giving me all the signs and symptoms that it was a normal pregnancy.

I had no idea what was going on but when I looked back over my cycle (always kept a journal) I saw that I'd had a very irregular cycle with lots of spotting. I hope in your case that perhaps you implanted late and baby is still in the early stages. The unfortunate truth is that 20% of pregnancies fail in the first trimester.

I've always been able to get accurate dates on my previous babies and my doctor wasn't able to get an accurate measurement today. Its making me a little nervous that the baby looked so small! I got an early positive test so I didn't ovulate later than I originally thought.This is an IVF baby (frozen cycle with a 5dt) and I had my first ultrasound on Wednesday.They found a heartbeat but baby is only measuring between 5w4d and 5w6d when based on my transfer date I should've been 7w2d. The sonographer said everything was good and it's just earlier than expected. However, I called the nurse at the IVF clinic because I wanted reassurance and she told me it wasn't a good sign and was talking to me like I'd already lost the baby.Was anyone else not able to see the baby well because of a tilted uterus??

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I've had over a dozen ultrasounds within the past 7 years and I've never been told I have a tilted uterus.

He says that I am suspect for a miscarraige because of baby measuring behind and thinks that with my hormone levels being so high he should have seen a more pronounced heartbeat.