Exchangel slow when updating deleted items

09-Sep-2017 03:30

exchangel slow when updating deleted items-1

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Microsoft has determined that you will perceive slowdowns when you reach these thresholds, and performance will fall off steadily and dramatically when you exceed these limits.

If you have many thousands of items in your Inbox or Sent Items folders, you want to move many of them into something that is not a “core folder.” Here’s one way to do that – not the only way, of course, just a quick and effective one.

Compact the Outlook Connector Local Cache File Unlike POP, which stores data in a PST file, Outlook Connector stores a local copy of account data in a local cache file.

If you are using Outlook Connector, you can compact the local cache file to improve performance.

If you've used Microsoft Outlook for a while, you know that it can slow down... In fact, when not looked after, Outlook can become nearly useless.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make Outlook not only usable, but significantly improved.

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Outlook’s performance is affected by many things, including the amount of data it has to keep track of, any add-ons that are installed, how often it checks for new mail (checking more frequently can improve performance), and various other factors.We're seeing many reports of Outlook 2007 being very, very slow.

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