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For officers and NCO's with families at Daley, maintaining the community was an important task.

Here, a collection of images from the Daley Military Community Summer Day Camp. Map of Daley and surrounding parts of Bad Kissingen from the city land survey department. A good idea badly executed, the M114's were underpowered, offered poor cross country mobility and when fully loaded, could only carry a commander, driver and observer.

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Now, in 2010, I am pleased to announce that my good friend Andy Weiss, webmaster for Pete Schumacher's excellent Shroud Exhibit and Museum (SEAM) website, has updated that list for us .

Visit the "Website Store" or the "Shroud Books Online" pages for a synopsis of many available books. K.) and Justin Coe (New Zealand), we were able to provide a complete list of every book in this booklist that viewers could download as a Word document file or an Excel spreadsheet.

The list was online for a full five years and was used by many sindonologists worldwide, so we are all deeply grateful for this important contribution.

Matt Di Angelo is doing his best to keep a smile on his face.

He is easy-going and charming, but his incredible aquamarine eyes are flashing as we stray into the one territory he remains uncomfortable in. He worked on East Enders for two years and spent another two on Hustle — but the thing he remains best known for is having a romance with his Strictly Come Dancing co-star Flavia Cacace.The new file is named Shroud Book Listand contains the entire booklist in four different formats including an Excel 207KB xls file and an 83KB xlsx version, a 140KB txt file version and a 331KB pdf file.