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16-Oct-2017 10:12

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Rooster Teeth’s Youtube channel posted this video of a man who is just trying to find his place in life, but realizes he has a power far greater than he could have ever imagined. This well put together fan-made trailer shows a man named Shawn who is accidentally cut by a piece of tinder from some firewood. Except in his case, there are no pictures to swipe.

This fan-made trailer for a non-existent film based on a superhero called Tinder is exactly what you think it is.

According to, the message boards at IMBd sport a whopping 13 million posts, and over 4 million members, making it one of the biggest discussion communities on the Internet.

In addition to message boards, IMDb offers cast and crew listings for the most comprehensive list of films and television shows you'll ever find, trivia, quotes, reviews, ratings, goofs, box office data, trailers, photos, news, show times, plot descriptions, filming locations, and more.

” Bumble explains to him that there’s no way to tell, but it would certainly help if he asked that person for their Snapchat or Instagram.

This element of the story plays very well in real life, where your Tinder matches may not be the person they say they are, and are only using just a few pictures to disguise their real look.

We'll have to see if they feel inspired by the fantasy dream from the trailer and head off to Italy for their honeymoon.

The first trailer for "Southside with You" shows a confident, though broke, Barack Obama and a tough-talking Michelle Obama on their epic first date.

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Their romance has been so wonderful that Langston was sure Neil was the one he'd want to spend the rest of his life.

sequel has already made over 0 million at the US box office — good for a spot in the top 15 highest grossing films of all time.

But if you want your movie experience to extend beyond the theater, where should you turn?

Thought it launched months earlier, Flixster started experiencing phenomenal growth in 2007, and really took off when it released its "Movies" application on Facebook, which remains one of that platform's most popular apps.

Flixster is a full-featured social network for movie lovers offering film info, reviews, movie trailers, and other media, as well as general social networking features like profiles, comment walls, and friending.Strong language includes "s--t," "ass," and "bitch." Despite the edgy material, the movie has a core message about being kind and responsible, and not falling prey to mob mentality or internet trolling. A cheerleader exposes her naked bottom at a school football game.