Mac os x 10 10 keeps updating

07-Nov-2017 06:53

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(And as with the OS X updates of 20, the clue's in the name: El Capitan is a rock formation inside the Yosemite National Park. Now I'm running the latest clamav-devel-master: Clam AV devel on mac OS 10.12 Sierra.Apple has since announced its next desktop OS, mac OS Sierra.For more on that, read our mac OS Sierra review and mac OS Sierra vs Mac OS X El Capitan comparison article.One of the (many) big changes in Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 is the ability to enrol and manage Mac OS X clients using a native agent.As you’d expect with any sort of cross-platform, non-Windows management story, you won’t be able to do all the same things with Configuration Manager that you can do with a Windows platform.We've had four months to test out El Capitan, and its story has changed along with each new update.

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Some users who have updated to OS X Yosemite 10.10.5, 10.10.4, or 10.10.3 have discovered that Finder will misbehave wildly, sometimes becoming wildly slow and unresponsive, crashing, or using inordinately high CPU.We’ll cover two ways to accomplish this, one using the Finder itself (assuming you can use it and the process is not stuck in an unresponsive cycle), and also how to resolve the issue with Terminal if you’re unable to access the Finder in OS X at all.