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This setting allows you to update all of your records at once. When the Update Multiple Records wizard opens, you’ll first select the event to execute the server behavior from the Trigger list. In the Repeated form list, select Repeat Region (rs Cat).4. In the Repeat Regions dialog box, make sure your recordset is displayed and set Show to All records.Universal Automation Center Documentation Universal Automation Center Universal Controller 6.4.x Universal Agent 6.4.x - All Components Universal Agent 6.4.x - Universal Command Universal Agent 6.4.x - Universal Data Mover Support, Maintenance Lists, and Release Information Documentation Library Documentation - All Versions Documentation Help Site Map A record is an entry in the Universal Controller database.Most records are created by the user via the user interface, but others (such as Agent records) are created by the Controller. From the Server Behaviors panel, click and choose Repeat Region.5.In my example, I chose the results page so I can see the records that have been updated. Next, click on the Bindings tab to bind the database columns to the form fields. Select each database column in the Column list and if necessary, modify the Data Type.If you do decide to use explicit transactions as illustrated in listing 3 to improve performance, be aware that either all records will be created or none will.Although this might even be a desired behavior, for certain circumstances it might lead to unexpected results.

The following sections will demonstrate how to efficiently convert form data into entities so that they can be validated and saved.With such a naming scheme, you can sort and filter lists by selecting records, for example, that begin with "REPT." You can assign permissions and execute commands against records using the same method.Use Business Services, which simply is a method of grouping records.You can convert a single entity using: When the above data is converted into entities, you will have 4 tags.

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The first two will be new objects, and the second two will be references to existing records.When building a website where your users need to update information in a database, you may want to allow them to update multiple entries at once. There is nothing to change in the Key Column since Item Cat ID is the default setting.5.