Who is selita ebanks dating 2016

28-Oct-2017 14:13

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And she couldn't be happier about it, Selita said to People magazine.

Selita Ebanks wants to club Eva Longoria on the head with a stiletto heel. But the fact of the celebrity gossip matter is that Longoria and Tony Parker have been hogging the wedding spotlight for weeks now.

But Spade is no dummy and has definitely seen and knows that no one is safe from scammers and no one can be trusted online.

Okay good, because now he’s back in the latest video from Funny or Die. Well, according to the video he’s been doing a little online dating.

Kanye directs and stars alongside the model in the arty music video, designed to showcase some of his newest songs.

The plot sees a comet hit Kanye's Lamborghini, with a beautiful injured phoenix, played by Selita, emerging from the wreckage.

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The final scenes show Kanye playing drum beats and music to a troupe of ballerinas in a warehouse. Selita asks him: 'All of the statues that we see, where do you think they came from?

When Spade is about to meet the woman he’s been online dating for six months, he brings along an amateur camera crew to capture the big moment.